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2021 Summer Camp - It's A Wrap!

From the Director Steve Buzzard

We did it! Buzzardball as we know it happened in 2021. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been able to celebrate our Silver Anniversary in style. That's right 25 years of Buzzardball was celebrated with new adventures that led to our most successful summer ever.


  1. Sport Courts Fitness - we needed a facility and SCF stepped up and agreed to be the home for Buzzardball in 2021. It started with owner Ab Alvarez (whose kids participated in Buzzardball) who gave us the OK. And then I can't say enough about the SCF staff who helped us on the daily. Nate Benesch was the point person. He, along with Amaya, Tony, Matt, and Justice ensured that everything ran smoothly on the daily.

  2. My son Toph! - this year I made the decision to bring Toph on board and give him a bigger role with the camp. He came through ... and then some. He was instrumental in being able to take things off my plate. He ran the camp's second hour. He did announcing. And he even ran the camp himself on a couple of the days. I love being able to have my sons (props to Max, too) be a part of Buzzardball.

  3. My Coaching Staff - Can't say enough about the group of young men and women we had on staff this year. They truly are instrumental in the Buzzardball Experience. I could go on and on about each individual. Just know that they are amazing!

  4. You the FAMILIES - this year was a BIG transition coming out of a pandemic. Thank you for entrusting your child(ren) with us this summer. We worked hard to create a safe and fun environment for everyone. And after EIGHT weeks, 40 days, and 16 camps, I am proud to report we had ZERO Covid cases. We made it to the finish line.

  5. LAST BUT NOT LEAST - The Kids! They are what makes Buzzardball what it is. What you don't realize is that it is the kids who create countless conversations amongst us coaches. They are all unique and have something great to give to the camp. And you notice, I am not even talking about their basketball skills. It's who they are as young boys and girls. They shine in ways that let me know that they are going to do great things in this world. The Buzzardball Magic is real!

I hope ALL of you have a terrific start to your school year. We look forward to what is ahead and of course ... we can't wait to do it again in 2022!


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