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Wenellis Pizza

Welcome to Wenelli's, where pizza is made the old-fashioned way!

At Wenelli's they grate the cheese, make their own pizza sauce, and roll fresh dough every day. The best part is they cook their pizzas in a traditional brick pizza oven to give your pizza the best taste and texture. It’s true this oven takes a little longer to cook the pizza, but you’ll find it is worth the wait—your pizza will be tasty and hot, the sourdough crust will be crisp and delicious.

Wenelli’s Pizza 🍕 on Arden + Eastern. Wenelli’s is one of many great neighborhood pizza joints. Eat and buy local! @wenellispizza #pizzaday #ardenelove#wenellis

Sacramento | Arden-Arcade |Founded in 1992 | 916-482-1008


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