Sponsorship Opportunities Information

Business Spotlight

Spotlight section of Buzzardball.com that is dedicated to highlighting small businesses in the greater Sacramento area. Once you are in, you are a part of the community forever.

Social Media Spotlight

Every Tuesday, Steve Buzzard highlights a small business on Instagram (@scbuzzard) and Facebook (personal page). Graphics and video testimonials are included and produced by Buzzard.

30-Second Spot on Experience the Buzz

Originated in January 2021, Steve Buzzard hosts a podcast that highlights local entrepreneurs and small businesses. It’s the perfect place to have your business. As of the start of March, the show has over 2500 downloads.

Multiple Mentions + Show Notes

 In addition, your business will be featured throughout the podcast as well as featured in the Show Notes. Once there, your business name lives forever.

Title Sponsor

With multiple sponsors, this puts you at the top of the list in regards to the order of mentions.

Guest Appearance

You will have the opportunity to come on as a guest of Experience The Buzz to share your entrepreneur story with the listeners.

In Addition

  1. All packages are customizable to fit your needs.

  2. You are encouraged to showcase your business with giveaways or contests that will be facilitated by Steve Buzzard

  3. Payment options can be done through the website or Venmo. You have the choice to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments when you agree to multiple months of sponsorship.

  4. Once you become a sponsor, you will provide Steve Buzzard with a high-resolution logo and any copy that you would like to be used in your spotlight and/or podcast spot.

For additional info contact Steve